Live Webinar: Fight Phishing with Continuous Simulation and Training

Phishing is an ever-increasing threat that plays a role in the majority of cyber breaches.

As phishing attacks become more sophisticated and prevalent, end-user security awareness training is crucial to ensure that the human element within your customer's organization is part of the solution.

Watch the replay our webinar session, where we'll introduce our fully managed end-user security awareness training including:

  • A demonstration of Managed PhishLine
  • Summaries of success stories and use cases

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about our fully managed end-user security awareness solution.

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Webinar Replay

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About Our Presenter

Jayne Haggard is a Program Training Manager on the Partner Success team at Barracuda MSP. Jayne is primarily responsible for managing the MSP section on Barracuda campus, creating training content, and creating campaigns for Managed PhishLine.
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