Webinar: Identifying and Remedying Issues with your Sales Prospecting Process

Many MSPs are struggling with lead generation. There are some common issues:
  • MSPs are having difficulty finding and hiring business development agents
  • MSPs are missing out on the 1000% or higher ROIs generated through successful long-term outbound prospecting programs
  • MSPs are carrying the overhead of outbound business development agents, but those agents aren’t trained or supported well
  • MSPs are abandoning sales leads far too early in the process, and aren’t reviewing the correct Key Performance Indicators for their sales campaigns

Watch this webinar session, as we provide actionable ideas that can be implemented quickly and easily to improve your long-term MSP sales success.

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About Our Presenter

Carrie Simpson
Carrie Simpson is the founder of Managed Sales Pros, a lead generation firm dedicated to providing new business opportunities for MSPs. Carrie teaches IT firms how to build, manage, and grow their sales pipelines. You can follow Carrie on Twitter @sales_pros and connect with her on LinkedIn.
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