Live Webinar: Top Email Threats & How to Protect Your Customers

Spear phishing is one of the top email threats to your customers—and one of the hardest to combat. Because they often carry no technical payload, spear-phishing attacks can evade traditional security technologies. To prevent the potentially devastating outcomes of these attacks, you need a new layer of security that takes a different approach to combating spear phishing.

At this live webinar, you’ll learn how spear phishing is evolving, what the costs are, and how new security technologies are helping to level the playing field. Mike Parkin Technical Marketing Engineer at Barracuda Networks, will lead this informative, in-depth session. You’ll see first-hand:

Watch this webinar replay as we discuss :

  • How social media helps cybercriminals craft highly effective spear-phishing emails
  • Why spear phishing is used increasingly for costly fraud and other scams rather than malware intrusion
  • Security approaches to the benefit from offering cloud-hosted SaaS offerings like Office 365
  • 3rd-party security solutions to defend against ransomware and other advanced threats
  • How harnessing the power of artificial intelligence is helping some organizations greatly increase their ability to detect and block spear phishing

Plus, you’ll learn how intelligent, automated, personalized security awareness training can transform your users from a spear phishing attack vector into a robust security layer.

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Watch the Replay

About Our Presenters

Michael Parkin is a Security Technologist at Barracuda. Michael has over 10 years experience in the information technology industry delivering his technical security expertise and designing secure networks for customers.
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