Intronis Professional Services

Improve your managed service success and reduce administration

Ensuring the protection of your customer's data is the top priority for every IT provider. To remove the headaches and the amount of time spent on managing cause by various data threats, we have introduced a new professional managed firewall and backup services.

With these services, our team of security and backup experts manage custom configuration, migration, and 24x7 monitoring and remediation of errors and alerts, while you put time back in your day and enjoy the peace of mind.

Watch our webinar replay with Justin Ridenour as he discusses our professional services offering including:

  • Managed NextGen Firewall - Robust 24/7 firewall protection for your customers
  • Managed Backup Appliance - Custom configuration, monitoring, management, and disaster recovery
  • Managed ECHOplatform and Services - Minimize administration time and improve backup and recovery success
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About Our Presenters

Justin Ridenour is the Manager of Partner Services at Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda. Justin has helped create and manage all professional services Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda currently offers.
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