WannaCry - The Challenge and the Opportunity for MSPs

 It’s a growing epidemic: Ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and phishing attacks are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in damage due to lost productivity, tainted credibility and worse – lost revenue. As attackers plan increasingly more sophisticated attacks, you, as an IT service provider, need to know how best to educate your customers and protect their data.

This webinar will examine the current threat landscape and best practices on how to defend your customers against an attack, as well as the opportunity these threats create for you from a business perspective.

Watch this webinar replay as we discuss:

  • How to talk to your customers about Ransomware, phishing and APTs
  • What happens when an attack is a combination of threats all at once
  • Layered approach to defense – what this means and how to implement it
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About Our Presenters

Michael Parkin is a Security Technologist at Barracuda. Michael has over 10 years experience in the information technology industry delivering his technical security expertise and designing secure networks for customers.
Neal Bradbury is responsible for generating greater business value for the company’s MSP partner community and alliance partners. Neal has more than 15 years of experience in networking, security, integration, and systems management. Prior to co-founding Intronis, Neal worked at Hasbro Inc. and at General Dynamics Electric Boat, where he was a Systems Engineer working on combat systems of the Virginia-class submarine.
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