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Make Your IT Services Marketing Zing

A Four Step Guaranteed Not To Lose Approach To Finding Interested Prospects, Engaged Clients and New Business

Bulls eyeThe IT services market has a challenge!

Increase competition, erosion of the small business market and higher costs of simply doing business. How does the every day managed IT services company stand out from the crowd? It’s time to make it personal.

During this session, IT service marketing professional, Stuart Crawford, CEO and Creative Director at Ulistic will show you how you can stand out from your competitors, move upscale with your service offerings and stand out from your competition, leaving them irrelevant.

You will learn the exact recipe Ulistic’s VIP clients use to continue towards their business goals and objectives. It is time to make your marketing sophisticated and make your competitor irrelevant. You will learn how to connect with interested prospects, engaged clients and even make those who left your business wishing they can come back.

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About Our Presenter

Stuart Crawford is a former MSP owner who now runs Ulistic, a company dedicated to coaching U.S. and Canadian IT service providers to greater success. His core area of focus: cost-effective Marketing and Sales strategies that develop, nurture, and convert high-value leads for MSPs.