How Customer Retention is Dependent on Your Sales Team and Culture

Drive client loyalty with your leadership


Loyal CustomerAttention all LEADERS! Ask questions and listen to live consulting. This is NOT your typical webinar where you can tune-in the audio while you answer email.

We want all participants to ask questions of Dave Russell, CEO of Manage to Win, regarding personnel performance pitfalls, passivity, peculiarities, and… other CHALLENGES. You will have to focus solely on this event to keep up with the conversation!

Our intent is to be a catalyst for your epiphany: “I have to do things differently NOW.” Give us your full attention and you will be inspired to finally invest the time to improve your company culture and fully engage your employees.

According to the Gallup organization only 18 percent of managers are effective. Could you be a better leader/manager? If your answer is yes, then every day you postpone your leadership development costs you a lot of money. Join us to learn how to take your leadership skills to the next level.

Watch this webinar replay to evaluate your leadership in the 10 critical areas of employee engagement so you increase client loyalty (and profitability).

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About Our Presenter

Author, leadership expert, and 33-year computer industry veteran David Russell will give you new insights and inspiration from these survey results – information never available to you before - that will motivate you to change your game for the better. Join us to learn how to build a culture of 100 percent employee engagement with zero excuses, and be the best leader you can be.

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