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How to Use Video Marketing for Search Engine Domination

A Video Marketing Primer: 3 Simple Steps to Market your MSP with Movies!

Video is an effective way to attract customers, but when and how should you include it in
your marketing?

MSP Marketing Expert Stuart Crawford knows video is the missing ingredient for many managed IT service providers. There are many reasons why video is often overlooked from
"I have a face for radio" to "I just don't have the skills and the time to do up my own videos."

Stuart shares how easy video is to master as part of your overall content marketing strategy and how when done correctly, it can increase your search rankings.

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About Our Presenter

Stuart Crawford is a former MSP owner who now runs Ulistic, a company dedicated to coaching U.S. and Canadian IT service providers to greater success. His core area of focus: cost-effective Marketing and Sales strategies that develop, nurture, and convert high-value leads for MSPs.

Watch the webinar replay to learn how to leverage videos and grab the attention of potential customers!